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The advent of light steel frame building in South Africa is one of the most exciting developments in recent times in the steel and building industries. While this method of building has been used in the US , Europe and Australia for decades, it was only recently introduced to our shores. It offers quality, cost efficiency and speed of erection for low-rise residential and non-residential buildings.

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Cold-formed steel design publications

It is a pleasure to announce that the SABS has published the new SANS10162:2 Cold Formed Steel Structures, which has been adopted from the Australian standard AS/NZS 4600:2005. It can be obtained from the SABS, or ordered from the Institute.

If you missed the course, you can now order Don Allen’s course notes on ‘Design for midrise LSFB’, presented in May / June 2012.

Professor Greg Hancock’s course notes on the design of cold-formed steel structures to the Australian code, presented in South Africa during 2010, as well as his handbook “Design of Cold-formed Steel Structures (to AS/NZS 4600:2005)”, can also be ordered from the Institute.

These publications are strongly recommended for cold-formed steel designers.

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SANS 517 updated

The latest version of the Light Steel Frame Building standard, SANS 517:2013, can be obtained from the SABS, or ordered from SASFA.

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Background: Light steel frame building is rapidly growing in popularity in Southern Africa. A recent survey has shown that the volume of LSFB has grown by 10% during 2009 compared with the previous year, notwithstanding the adverse conditions in the building industry.
The Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association (SASFA, was established to develop the light steel frame building industry in Southern Africa. Supported by all the major players in this industry, SASFA strives to establish desirable quality standards in all facets of the LSF building process.

In order to ensure quality in buildings, training of all role players in the value chain is of paramount importance. Training courses have been offered for designers and inspectors, and we have now prepared an intensive course for builders.

Successful completion of the course will enable attendees to correctly erect a simple LSF structure, and to plan and supervise installation of cladding, lining, insulation and services.

Who should attend? The course is aimed at new as well as practising builders of light steel frame buildings. Attendees must at least have passed Grade 12, and be able to read building plans.

Course content: the course covers all aspects of LSFB, including practical work – students will erect a small LSF building:
  • Steel frames: properties of steel, manufacturing of steel frames, setting out and erection
  • Installation of external cladding, and
  • Internal lining, insulation and services

The eight day course is presented by SASFA, in cooperation with Saint- Gobain, Everite and Stedone Hazy Crest. The attendance fee of R5 200 (VAT Incl) covers a set of course notes, refreshments and light lunches. A certificate of successful completion will be issued to qualifying candidates. Subsequently, after completion of at least two smaller building projects, candidates can apply for temporary accreditation according to SASFA’s Accreditation Scheme.

Please complete the attached registration form if you wish to attend the course. Feel free to forward this invitation to others whom you think may be interested to attend. Act now – we can accept only a limited number of applications!

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During March 2010, Australian Emeritus Professor Greg Hancock presented a course on the design of cold-formed steel structures to the Australian code AS/NZS 4600:2005 in South Africa. This was arranged by the SA Institute of Steel Construction, as the SA Bureau of Standards is in the process of adopting the Australian standard to replace the outdated SANS 10162:2. The notes covers his introduction to cold-formed steel design and a design example of a simply supported purlin under uplift. It explains the ‘direct strength’ method of design of cold-formed beams /purlins which simplifies the cold-formed design methodology, followed by a design example of a cold-formed lipped channel column - illustrating the advantage of the use of the direct strength design method. In conclusion various fastening techniques are covered, supported by the appropriate design calculations. These course notes can be ordered from the Institute.

In the course notes, references are made to his 240-page book on the subject “Design of Cold-formed Steel Structures (to AS/NZS 4600:2005)”. It covers materials and the effects of cold working; buckling modes of thin-walled members; stiffened and un-stiffened compression elements; beams, purlins and bracing; webs; compression members; combined axial loading and bending, and the ‘direct strength method’. The Institute arranged with the Australian Steel Institute to distribute the book in South Africa.

Both these publications are strongly recommended for cold-formed steel designers.

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